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Gibbs Pharma Solution offers pharmaceutical advertising and promotion training to global organizations involved with regulated healthcare product promotion, including pharmaceuticals, biological and medical devices.

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Course curriculum

    1. Course Introduction and OPDP Resource Page on CDER website

    2. Introduction to Drug Labeling and Its Impact on Promotion

    3. Getting Started with Gibbs Pharma Solutions Drug and Medical Device Promotion Training

    1. Module 2: Communications to HCPs - Glossary and Terms

    2. Module 2: Communications to HCPs - Materials and Tactics Assignment

    3. Module 2: Communications to HCPs - Promotional Review Committee Case Scenario Video

    4. Module 2: Promotional Review Committee

    5. Xatmep Letter

    1. Module 3: Branded Patient Communications

    2. Module 3: Branded Communications to Consumers - Glossary

    3. GVOKE Letter

    4. Module 3: Branded Communication to Consumers - Case Scenario

About this course

  • $2,000.00
  • 12 lessons

Course Features

Outlined below are a few of the prominent features included in our online courses.

  • These courses are accessible all the time, and a zoom meeting can be scheduled with Iris Gibbs for Personal Interaction

  • Our courses are comprehensive

  • provides strategic counsel to health care and clients facing regulatory or marketing challenges.

  • provides regulatory promotional strategy support to companies throughout the development and commercialization of their products.

  • Provides strategic counsel to health care and clients facing regulatory or marketing challenges.


  • Executive Leadership Training

  • National Sales Meetings

  • Product Launches

Introducing Gibbs Pharma Training Solutions!

Set up a zoom call with Iris Gibbs herself! to understand the value of taking this training offered by Iris and her 20+ years of experience and how to turn this into your new career.

About the Course Creator Iris Gibbs

Iris currently serves as Head of Commercial Regulatory Affairs at Karyopharm Therapeutics, where her responsibilities include Labeling, Advertising, and Promotion, Regulatory Intelligence, Science, and Policy.

Today, Iris Gibbs is a Career Advisor for Harvard University. Iris earned a certificate in “Drug and Medical Device Development: A Strategic Approach” from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Iris is an adjunct assistant professor of Medical Device Development and Pharmaceutical Advertising and Promotion at George Washington University’s School of Medicine. She recently contributed to a publication based on the utilization and effectiveness of Promotion Review Editors.

Iris provides insights on pharmaceutical promotion Best Practice.
Iris is recently published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences of Toronto, Canada on pharmaceutical advertising and promotion titled, A Legislative/Legal History of Prescription Drug Advertising and Promotion Regulation.

Iris serves on the FDA Editorial Advisory Board for the FDA Advertising and Promotion Manual published by Thomson Publishing.

Now, Iris is bringing her knowledge and experience to you through Gibbs Pharma Solutions Advertising and Promotion Training! Iris has worked for global, large, medium, small and start-up companies in pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, and biologics.


  • Regulatory Intelligence

    We provide Regulatory Intelligence that focuses on how to utilize Real World Evidence data to generate superb outputs, especially in regulatory strategy.

  • Alliance Management

    We can train you or your employees on how to start, nurture, and retain key alliances with existing partners and prospects.

  • Government Affairs

    We teach you or your employees about monitoring and maintaining a gainful relationship with government officials.

  • Due Diligence

    We provide impactful information on how to successfully complete a due diligence activity for vetting out Regulatory risks.

Training to Ensure Your Compliance

Gibbs Pharma Solutions specializes in providing training on regulatory advertising and promotion of prescription drug and medical device products,. We offer effective tools and tactics to help individuals, manufacturers, and others ensure strict compliance with industry guidelines.

If you’re looking to get into pharmaceutical advertising and promotion, entering the industry for the first time, or, if you are a former regulatory strategist or marketer who wants to make a career change, take Iris’ course.

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